Bolster our local connectivity

Broadband is not just essential for businesses across Lincolnshire, but it also makes areas our area a more attractive place to live, work and invest. High quality broadband also helps rejuvenate otherwise more isolated communities that feel left behind.

Support Lincolnshire Police

While we are fortunate to benefit from relatively low crime in Lincolnshire, we must not be complacent and especially as the nature of the various crimes we have committed in the constituency changes and varies.

Support our local hospitals

Three years on since the reduction of Grantham Hospital's opening hours, Gareth has  been extremely keen to engage with local healthcare professionals, the Health Secretary Matt Hancock MP, local Councillors and campaigners to work towards resolving the continued reduction in hours - originally a

Champion our local schools

As the product of the state education system, Gareth has dedicated a lot of time to supporting education in our country over the past decade.