Westminster News

Gareth Davies MP asks Prime Minister about Lincolnshire broadband

Today Gareth Davies MP asked Prime Minister Boris Johnson about future investment in Lincolnshire's digital connectivity. Gareth has spoken many times, as well as written articles, about the need for more investment in our local broadband and has now taken it straight to the top of government.

Gareth Davies MP speaks out on behalf of Grantham Hospital

Today Gareth Davies MP raised the issue of "temporary" changes made this week by the NHS Trust - ULHT, with the Secretary of State for Health to call on the Trust to ensure that the changes are indeed temporary and that COVID is not used as cover for more permanent changes. 

Gareth Davies MP asks about air links with Northern Ireland

First virtual question in the House of Commons for Gareth Davies MP. Asked the Northern Ireland Minister of State about the importance of the additional £5.7m of Government funding to maintain air passenger flights between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom.