Strong local healthcare

Gareth believes that it is vital that our towns and villages have the healthcare provision needed to meet the needs of a growing population. Since his election in December 2019, he has been a passionate advocate of healthcare services at Grantham Hospital and has written and spoken about this in the local press and the House of Commons chamber on many occasions. Three years on since the reduction of Grantham Hospital's opening hours, Gareth has  been extremely keen to engage with local healthcare professionals, the Health Secretary Matt Hancock MP, local Councillors and campaigners to work towards a long term commitment from ULHT. It is vital that Grantham residents have access to round the clock urgent health care facilities. Gareth's pledge's to keep the pressure on both national government and ULHT respectively to ensure that the situation is resolved satisfactorily and in accordance with the needs of a growing population. 

In addition, Gareth has also been working with key stakeholders on the long term primary care needs of Stamford residents. He has been actively engaged with Lakeside Healthcare, the Clinical Commissioning Group and local patient groups to ensure that Stamford's patients have access to good GP services. 

Healthcare provision across the constituency is a top priority for Gareth so please do get in touch if you think he can help you.