Church roof slate theft in Haconby

Gareth Davies visited Haconby this morning to meet with residents and to hear about the appalling recent theft of slate from the roof of St Andrew’s Church.

Gareth Davies campaigning in Grantham

Gareth Davies spent the morning today out with local Councillors in Grantham St Vincent's Ward to meet with local voters and to deliver his new leaflet. 

Campaigning in Bytham Heights

Gareth was out this morning in Bytham Heights distributing his new leaflet outlining his plan to secure more infrastructure investment for our roads, take action on crime by pushing for more funding for Lincolnshire Police and supporting our local hospitals. 

Gareth visits Butterfield Centre in Bourne

The Butterfield Centre in Bourne is a fantastic local day care centre providing a really important service to the local community providing a happy, caring environment to so many. Gareth had a great time visiting for a cup of tea and a tour around today.