Grantham and Stamford MP Holds Call with UK Farming Minister to Discuss COVID-19 Crisis

Gareth Davies MP today participated in a conference call with UK Farming Minister, Victoria Prentice MP to discuss the on-going issues for farmers caused by coronavirus.

The Minister updated MPs on a range of farming issues and in particular the specific struggles of dairy farmers during this crisis. Dairy farmers have been negatively impacted by the closure of coffee shops and restaurants thus significantly reducing demand for milk. The Government are actively engaged with both the farming community and with industry to help find alternative markets for our dairy farmers across the country.

At a time when the public are keen to ensure they have good access to food and supplies, this is a good opportunity to highlight both the opportunity and importance of buying from local farmers and wherever possible.

With our town markets still open for business thanks to South Kesteven District Councils leadership, this is a great opportunity for local farmers to offer their produce in our community.